Blog #3- Facebook’s Identity Problem

Facebook has become one of social media’s top site for people to go on to see what others are up to, update their friends with their lives, sharing videos, etc.

But is ‘Facebook making us lonely?’ Stephen Marche, tells us his side. Social media- from Facebook to Twitter- they have made us more densely networked than ever. Marche goes on to talk about how we live in an isolation that would have been unimaginable to our ancestors, and yet we have never been more accessible.

The entire article talks about loneliness and how people become more connected to social media, especially Facebook, the lonelier people will become. But in the second article titled, “Facebook Isn’t Making Us Lonely” was written by Eric Kilienberg. He referred back to Marche’s article a lot. He said that in Marche’s article, there is zero evidence that we are more detached or lonely than ever. He does not think that the first article is reliable, due to sources and not a lot of proof. ¬†This article is basically bashing Marche on his article. Being lonely can lead to isolation. If people are isolated, they are disconnected.¬†Disconnection requires little more than shutting down your computer and smartphone.

The third article titled, “The Intimacy of Anonymity” talks about oversharing one’s personal life which could potentially feel like reality tv. In the ’80s and ’90s, anonymity was linked to online culture. In today’s generation, anonymous ¬†outlets on these apps are making it clear that they’re looking for a break from Facebook and other social media.

The fourth article talks about the idea of how Facebook has the issue of identity problems. It is not everyday that Facebook releases a public apology. This article is directed at drag queens and their rights. The issue is that there are people who have 2 identities online to help separate the different personas and social networks that belong to their on-stage and off-stage selves.

Every article talks about the idea of Facebook and how it affects everyone but in different ways. Facebook has evolved so much over the years and it will be evolving in the upcoming years, due to how advanced technology is becoming.


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