The Future Of Reputation Article Summary- Blog 2

Someone’s reputation in life is very important, especially if they love seeking attention. Social media has everything you can think of on it, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can look for anyone on Google, and you will find multiple results. “The Future of Reputation” contains three points that make up our society: gossip, rumors, and privacy on the internet.

The article starts off by talking about a young woman in South Korea on a subway train with her dog. The dog pooped on the train and other passengers asked her to clean it up. The woman snapped back and told them to mind her own business. The passengers were not happy with her response, so they took the issue to the internet. It only took hours before she was everywhere on the internet. Everything spreads SO FAST, because of technology.

In the article it states, “The free flow of information threatens to undermine our freedom in the future.” This quote applies directly to the situation with the woman from South Korea. She will be known forever as “dog poop girl” because of how quickly the story got out to the public and rest of the world. She will hear about this small incident forever, especially since it should’ve been handled in a better way.

Everyday people express themselves to a worldwide audience. Instead, one of the passengers expressed the woman’s actions to the world.

The article is split up into:

  • the internet as a teenager
  • the norm police
  • privacy
  • generation Google

These four points all talk about the way people present themselves and others on the internet and how it can affect people either in a positive or negative way.

The lesson in this article is that rumors, gossip, or shaming on the Internet have had serious effects. “We must protect privacy of ourselves and others to ensure that the freedom of the Internet doesn’t make us less free.” Being protected in society is the most important thing, but social media and the Internet could ruin that in an instant. Be careful.

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