Blog #10- Meme Presentations

Our meme presentation was on the Yodeling Boy from Walmart.

He has recently become one of the most popular ‘memes’ in our generation of 2018. He has only been famous for about 2 months, but he has already been on Ellen, performed at Coachella, and many other big stages. Many celebrities are also putting his name out there, so we decided he was the perfect fit for our presentation.

We split up our presentation equally, but I was the person in charge to talk about the larger conversations, which are bigger socially and culturally.

I talked about his performances in various big name places and how that has made him so much popular. He was invited on the Ellen Show and that was what made him so huge. But, the start to the spread of his name came through Twitter and Instagram. Social media has definitely had a huge influence on his popularity in the last couple months. He is very popular for yodeling and that is not something people listen to every day, but now there are people that love watching his performances.

We all worked very hard on each part of our presentations and it turned out very well!

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