(Google, Theory of YouTube, Internet making people smarter, put laptops away) 4 article summary*- Blog #4

Throughout the 4 articles that I read, they all relate on some kind of level.

  1. Why I just asked my students to put their laptops away: Clay Shirky talks about ┬áhis reasoning for choosing to ban any type of technology in the classroom. He begins the article by establishing his role-he is a professor of “theory and practice of social media” at NYU. This causes the reader to immediately question why he chose to ban technology because technology is the driving force through the entire class.
  2. Is Google making us stupid?: This article talks about how the internet has become a primary source of information, it begins to affect the ability to read books and other long pieces. Even though this process may offer knowledge efficiency, it flattens our brain’s learning experience in the process.
  3. Nine propositions towards a cultural theory of youtube: All of the nine propositions are similar but all basically come to a consensus that youtube has become a cultural movement, meaning that many people use it on a daily basis and a lot of information comes in and out of the media site. Sometimes, the media in and out come from other social networking sites.
  4. Does the internet make you smarter?: This article talks about how media and technology have made technology very available at alarming rates. Because of this, there is an overall fear that with each technological advance, the youth become less intelligent.


With each of these articles, each cover the idea of how technology has become so important in all of our lives in today’s society.

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