Blog #9- Research Project

My peers were very helpful when we got into our groups to talk about our research papers.

My topic is on how technology is personally being used on social media sites. Specifically,  I am going to be looking at social issues through media, especially cyberbullying. We see this issue everyday in our lives. It is always happening to someone and that is not fair. I believe this is due to the technological advances that are occurring in our day-to-day lives. It has become a very popular part to our culture. This is why there are so many issues with the younger generation and I want to research why this is causing so much harm into making technology seem worse than it really is.

My group members really helped me out with this. They told me to look at specific cyberbullying examples and try to tie it in to the research that I am doing in order to make it all valid information to make it a strong paper.

Being able to have specific examples within a research paper makes it so much stronger.

They also mentioned to have good citations and scholarly articles to back up my information.

My group members were very helpful with my research paper and I have a better understanding how to make sure it is a solid final paper.

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