Rum Diaz

For the first week, I figured I’d start off with something basic: the classic Rum and Coke that everyone loves! With a twist of lime, you can never go wrong with the traditional blend of rum and cola.

The Shopping List: I picked up all the ingredients from my local Walmart for under $20. The typical cost of a rum and coke ranges from $4-$10 depending on the location and how well you know the bar tender.

1 1.75 Liter of Ron Diaz Cherry Spiced Rum- $14.99

1 2 Liter of Coca-Cola- $1.07

1 Lime- $.50

Grand Total: $16.56 

Thats the price of four cheap rum and cokes at a bar, without the tip! Now that’s a good ol’ fashioned college deal if I ever saw one.

The Mix:

Three Parts Cherry Ron Diaz (depending on how strong you like your drinks)

Two Parts Coca Cola (pour to the side of the glass to avoid fizzing)

3 Ice Cubes

One Slice of Lime, squeezed gently into the drink. Drop the slice in for a little stronger flavor, the lime soaks up the mix fairly well.

The Flavor: Personally, I prefer the cherry spiced rum to add a little more flavor to the cocktail. Rum and cola blend so well you’d think they were cousins, and the lime adds a nice sour flavor to even out the strength of the rum. The ice is essential in both cooling the beverage and making sure the rum stays in his place. Watering down a liquor just right can be crucial in the overall taste of a cocktail.

The Verdict:

On the hangover scale, I’d give Rum n Cokes a solid 3.5/5. A few too many can bring one hell of a morning upon you, so be sure to hydrate and drink responsibly.

Flavor wise, Rum n Cokes are my go to. I may have a bias but I think everyone can agree that if one was offered a rum and coke they’d surely drink it.

About Jordan Ahlenius

I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I have a minor in Advertising. I'm an aspiring videographer with hopes of one day working on documentaries. Cats!
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