Pour Up A Drink!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Jordan Ahlenius and I’ll be your host for these fireside chats in which I’ll discuss affordable college cocktails. As a college student, we’re all ballin’ on a budget. We are also enrolled in classes; classes which drive us to drink. I want to provide everyone with the best of both worlds- great tasting mixed drinks and cocktails with CHEAP and AFFORDABLE liquor.  But what kind of credentials do you even have Jordan?! Well I’m glad you asked, internet. I’ve been a college student for almost four years. Besides working on my degree in Communications, I received a bachelors in frugality; I know how to stretch a dollar. At 22 years of age, I have consumed a few alcoholic beverages. I’ve traveled the world (mostly the northwest suburbs of Chicago) trying different drinks and concoctions from all kinds of bars and pubs. I’m going to muster up a list of what I think are the most interesting and best tasting mixed drinks, make them for you and review them!

About Jordan Ahlenius

I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I have a minor in Advertising. I'm an aspiring videographer with hopes of one day working on documentaries. Cats!
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