The Whitewater Mule

Moscow has a mule, Mexico has a mule, and finally- Whitewater has it’s own. Forget the brass cup and fancy garnish, we’re including only the essentials. I created an advertising campaign for Bacardi this semester and so I only saw it fitting to use it for one of my drinks.


The Shopping List:

1 2 Liter of Ginger Ale… $.89

1 750 ml Bottle of Dragonberry White Rum Bacardi… $14.99

1 Lime… $.29

Grand Total…$16.17

The Mix:

Start off with a nice glass of ice. A few cubes always does the trick, lets say three ice cubes.

Next, pour a couple shots of Bacardi on the rocks.

I like a nice strong mule that will be able to pull the plow all day, but the potency is up to your discretion.

Following that, top it off with some ginger ale to damper down the rum.

Chop up a few mint leaves and sprinkle the leaves on top.

Squirt a lime to complete the concoction.

The Verdict:

The classic Moscow Mule is made in a brass cup, I’m a college student who can’t afford luxuries like that. Ginger ale is always a good mix because of the flavor, some don’t like it but it’s one of my favorites. The dragon berry rum all garnished up with a splash of ginger ale tastes slightly like an actual mule, surprisingly. On the hangover scale, I’d give it a 2/5. It isn’t the most lethal beverage, the garnish really balances out the booze and it is somewhat refreshing. A solid taste and a decent makeshift mule. As always, drink responsibly.

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Jay’s Long Island

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The Mighty Michelada

I am 25% Hispanic, but I take pride in it as if I were 100%. I love the culture, food, and especially the beverages. This week I’m making a classic Michelada, and making it mighty. One of my best buddies was always bed ridden by God awful hangovers, and swore my Michelada’s as the cure. I agree and the next time you have a wild night out, I suggest testing out this spicy cocktail.

The Shopping List:

One Four Pack of Mexican Beer (I chose Modelo)… $2.99

One Can of Clamato… $.99

Hot Sauce (Tapatio, Valentinos)… $1.99

Lime… $.39

Beer Salt… $.99

Soy Sauce… $1.99

Grand Total… $10.39

This list makes for roughly 4 Micheladas. Bud Light makes a tall boy of Michelada for $2.50, but doesn’t taste NEARLY as authentic. 😉

The Mix:

Start with a tall glass, add an ice cube or two.

Pour in one beer, and if there’s room, add another.

The more beer the better, the more liquor the softer the hangover.

Mix in the can of Clamato (tomato juice), this is essential to the mix. It is what makes a Michelada a Michelada.

Douse in a few drops of hot sauce and soy sauce, and stir.

Wet the rim of the glass and cover in beer salt.

Squirt a lime in to add a bit of sweetness.

The Verdict:

Thank God for the Mexicans; another one of their glorious concoctions. The spices add a nice kick to it and the lime balances out the heat. While I honestly hate bloody mary’s this tomato beer is tolerable and aids in the fight against hangovers. The next time you’re bed ridden, I recommend stirring up a nice Michelada. Enjoy and please drink responsibly.

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Jay’s Scurvy Long Island

Iced tea is one of the most refreshing beverages out there, and it’s even better with some booze in it. This week we’re escaping the stresses of school and shipping out to an island; Jay’s Scurvy Long Island.

The Shopping List:

One 750 ml Bottle of Dirty Island Long Island Liquor… $10.99

One can of Arizona Arnold Palmer… $.99

Grand Total… $11.99


The Mix:

Fill a glass up with ice.

Pour two parts iced tea on the rocks.

Top it off with three parts liquor.

Add a lime if you want more flavor.

Long Islands typically have syrup and cola as a base, but I figured I’d make it more of a true tea and use iced tea.

The Verdict:

The dirty long island is the perfect cheap liquor; it consists of every alcohol actually in a Long Island for just $11. Rum, vodka, tequila, gin and triple sec. The iced tea makes the overdose of alcohol bearable and actually makes for a good mix. The Arnold Palmer makes for great flavor and yet isn’t overwhelmingly sweet. On the hangover scale I would toss this concoction a solid 3/5. The collection of liquors makes for a dangerous combo but a few cups of water before bed and you’re golden. Another fantastically cheap drink brought to you by Dr. Jay

-Enjoy and drink responsibly.

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Live Tweet Event 04.05.2017

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The Dirty Jito

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Dirty ‘Jito

On the docks of Spain…or Italy…or Whitewater. Honestly any of them work, and a mojito is what best accompanies the view. This episodes drink is the Dirty Mojito.

The Shopping List:

750ml of Pucker Vodka….$9.50

Mint leaves….$2.50

Limes…$.50 each

Club Soda…$.89

One box of Jello…$1.50

Grand total…$14.89

The Mix:

Start by throwing 4-5 ice cubes into a glass. Temperature is essential to a good mixed drink.

Drizzle some club soda over the rocks, about 2-3 parts will do the trick.

The crucial piece: Add 2-3 shots of Pucker vodka.

Dice up the mint leaves, not too fine but enough so they aren’t massive bushes floating amongst your drink.

Add in a dash of dry jello mix; this is what brings out the orange flavor.

Cut up a lime and add 3-4 slices on top of the drink.


Damn do I love mojitos. Hands down one of my favorite drinks, no questions asked. A mojito a day may not keep the doctor away but it will keep me satisfied.


The Verdict:

The dirty ‘jito is in fact dirty; a mix of vodka and club soda simmered down by garnishes and jello powder makes for a cheap mojito. It isn’t as good as the real mojitos but it will suffice for my budget. The hangover scale is kind on this one with a soft 2/5, vodka has never bothered me much. Tastiness tops out at a 4.3/5, the mint adds a new feature to the tanginess. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little kick to their drink. As always, drink responsibly.

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College White Russian

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College White Russian

This recipe was actually shared from one of my fans- Steve. The College White Russian is the definition of desperation with a hint of aspiration.


The Shopping List:

1 Pint of Chocolate Milk… $2.01

1 Fifth of Bartons Vodka… $5.07 (absolutely disgusting)

Great Value Coffe Grounds.. $5.00


Grand total:… $12.08

The Mix:

Start out with a cocktail glass and drop three ice cubes in that puppy.

Dump one part coffee into the glass. (French Press Preferred)

Pour in roughly two parts vodka, three parts if you had a rough week.

Drizzle the delicious chocolate milk on top of the icy vodka.

Ladies and gentlemen: The College White Russian.

A White Russian typically is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa or Tia Maria), and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Often milk will be used as an alternative to cream.

That is far too elegant for a college student, and one of my favorite beverages is chocolate milk. So why not throw in some vodka and make it tangy?

The Verdict:

I gotta say, as awful as the concoction sounds it doesn’t taste terrible. While you should definitely use higher quality vodka than I did (the equivalent of gasoline) the chocolate milk balances out the kick of the liquor. This bad boy is sure to make your head hurt in the morning, ringing in at a 4/5 on the hangover scale. But one benefit of the drink is getting calcium while getting drunk, what could be better! If you are feeling desperate and school is getting ya down, pound a few College White Russians to pick yourself back up.

–As always, drink responsibly.

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Technical Difficulties

Drinks with Jay has been MIA for the past couple weeks due to some technical difficulties with my editing software, three new videos will be posted within the week! Sorry to let down my fans 😉

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