Dirty ‘Jito

On the docks of Spain…or Italy…or Whitewater. Honestly any of them work, and a mojito is what best accompanies the view. This episodes drink is the Dirty Mojito.

The Shopping List:

750ml of Pucker Vodka….$9.50

Mint leaves….$2.50

Limes…$.50 each

Club Soda…$.89

One box of Jello…$1.50

Grand total…$14.89

The Mix:

Start by throwing 4-5 ice cubes into a glass. Temperature is essential to a good mixed drink.

Drizzle some club soda over the rocks, about 2-3 parts will do the trick.

The crucial piece: Add 2-3 shots of Pucker vodka.

Dice up the mint leaves, not too fine but enough so they aren’t massive bushes floating amongst your drink.

Add in a dash of dry jello mix; this is what brings out the orange flavor.

Cut up a lime and add 3-4 slices on top of the drink.


Damn do I love mojitos. Hands down one of my favorite drinks, no questions asked. A mojito a day may not keep the doctor away but it will keep me satisfied.


The Verdict:

The dirty ‘jito is in fact dirty; a mix of vodka and club soda simmered down by garnishes and jello powder makes for a cheap mojito. It isn’t as good as the real mojitos but it will suffice for my budget. The hangover scale is kind on this one with a soft 2/5, vodka has never bothered me much. Tastiness tops out at a 4.3/5, the mint adds a new feature to the tanginess. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little kick to their drink. As always, drink responsibly.

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I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I have a minor in Advertising. I'm an aspiring videographer with hopes of one day working on documentaries. Cats!
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