College White Russian

This recipe was actually shared from one of my fans- Steve. The College White Russian is the definition of desperation with a hint of aspiration.


The Shopping List:

1 Pint of Chocolate Milk… $2.01

1 Fifth of Bartons Vodka… $5.07 (absolutely disgusting)

Great Value Coffe Grounds.. $5.00


Grand total:… $12.08

The Mix:

Start out with a cocktail glass and drop three ice cubes in that puppy.

Dump one part coffee into the glass. (French Press Preferred)

Pour in roughly two parts vodka, three parts if you had a rough week.

Drizzle the delicious chocolate milk on top of the icy vodka.

Ladies and gentlemen: The College White Russian.

A White Russian typically is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa or Tia Maria), and cream served with ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Often milk will be used as an alternative to cream.

That is far too elegant for a college student, and one of my favorite beverages is chocolate milk. So why not throw in some vodka and make it tangy?

The Verdict:

I gotta say, as awful as the concoction sounds it doesn’t taste terrible. While you should definitely use higher quality vodka than I did (the equivalent of gasoline) the chocolate milk balances out the kick of the liquor. This bad boy is sure to make your head hurt in the morning, ringing in at a 4/5 on the hangover scale. But one benefit of the drink is getting calcium while getting drunk, what could be better! If you are feeling desperate and school is getting ya down, pound a few College White Russians to pick yourself back up.

–As always, drink responsibly.

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I am majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media, and I have a minor in Advertising. I'm an aspiring videographer with hopes of one day working on documentaries. Cats!
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