Photo of the 841 Brew House Salmon entree.

Photo of the 841 Brew House Salmon entree. COPYWRITE.

Located right on the outskirts of Whitewater, WI stands a quaint brew house with some of the most delicious food that you could have around a small campus town. 841 Brew House used to be Randy’s Supper Club, until a couple year ago, they changed the look and the menu. The restaurant is known for its appetizing Artichoke and Spinach dip and its, to-die-for burgers, but have you tried their seafood? Yes, 841 does have seafood and not just on Fridays! Their menu offers a wide variety from shrimp to salmon.

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841 is right in town, so if you and your significant other are looking for a nice place to have a date night, 841 Brew House is the perfect place to dine on a Friday fish fry kind of night. Along with the fish, if you are of age, having a beer along with it is the perfect touch. My favorite is the baked cod. It is baked perfectly tender with their “signature lemon butter sauce”. The sides are just as good and very filling!

The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is inviting and relaxing. After a long week of studying for exams and doing huge projects, you and your significant other can relax and enjoy the food that is being served. I promise that you won’t be disappointed with the food when you eat at 841. So on a Friday night when you are looking for a Fright night fish fry, head to 841 Brew House to satisfy your cravings on a Friday night.