Anchor Inn is located in Edgerton, WI.

Anchor Inn is located in Edgerton, WI. COPYWRITE.

Located in Edgerton, WI heading and right next to the largest Culver’s in the world, Anchor Inn is a bar/restaurant I recommend to anyone wanting a new place to dine at. Especially on a Friday night when you are craving a classic Wisconsin fish fry. Although, it is a drive from Whitewater, it’s a way for your date night to be somewhat of an adventure. You are traveling away from Whitewater with all the craziness of school for a few hours.

Another few more reasons why Anchor Inn is the perfect place to dine is that it’s right on Lake Koshkonong and has amazing fish fry. The view + the food = perfection. The fish is something that will not disappoint you when you leave. I ordered the fried cod and was full after just the first one. I wanted to keep eating but couldn’t! It’s lightly battered while still holding the fish together. As you cut into the fish, it breaks apart, allowing you to take pieces and dip them in butter. Sides that come along with the fish is coleslaw, rye bread and french fries. You can substitute the fries for mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries as well. There are other options for what kind of seafood you are wanting to enjoy on a Friday night such as White Fish, Blue Gil or Cod. There also is the option of picking a Sesame Crusted Tuna with Wasabi soy sauce.

Menu taken from Anchor Inn Specials webpage.

Menu taken from Anchor Inn Specials webpage. COPYWRITE.

As well as the fish fry, you will be in the company of a live band. Anchor Inn always has some sort of entertainment happening. Pick a day from their website and see what night you would enjoy!