Photo chosen was by the Miller Lite company themselves. I do not own rights to this photo.

Photo chosen was by the Miller Lite company themselves. COPYWRITE.

A great date idea that is fun for the both of you, if you are of age, is the Miller Lite Brewery located in Milwaukee, WI. For operating its systems for over 155 years, Miller has given the public a chance to see what those years have done to the company and it’s publics. The tour begins with a video sharing the arrival of the brewing to Milwaukee and transitions to a modern-day brew. During the tour, the guide will show off the packaging center, shipping warehouse and the brew house. After the tour, there is of course the gift shop and the chance to sample Miller’s tastiest brews.

Milwaukee has been known to be one of the cities that you head to for a brewery tour, especially Miller Lite Brewing Company. It’s the most popular in the state and is known to many to be delicious and tasteful. Not to mention that after the tour of a cold Wisconsin brew, you can check out downtown Milwaukee for more entities to visit. Make the day worth your while, while in the beautiful city with your significant other and enjoy the adventure. You are in a city of light and adventure. Why not make the most out of your drive.

To reserve a tour, contact the Miller Lite Tour Information website linked at the top. For times, visit their Facebook page or call at 414-931-BEER (2337) or 800-944-LITE (5483).