Meet Apryl

Hey college readers!

My name is Apryl McCann and I am a senior at UW-Whitewater studying advertising and public relations. I am getting to the end of my college career and have been searching for ways to improve my communication skills verbally and also through social media. While currently being enrolled in a social media optimization class, I get the opportunity to write a blog (the one you are currently on). I have always wanted to start a blog, but just never knew where to start – so here I am, making my goals become a reality.

My blog is called Dating Off Campus for a few reasons. I wanted to target college students, since I can relate most to my audience at this time in my life. I am currently in a relationship and finding new adventures to go on and even cook together is what can make our relationship so much stronger. In college, dating can be tricky. Now, you’re not going to be seeing a ton of “How to..” posts such as, “How to Get the Girl at the House Party You’ve Been Staring at for Too Long” or “How to Impress the Hot Trainer at Your Campus Gym.”

Here's a cliche picture of my boyfriend and I.

Here’s a cliche picture of my boyfriend and I.

I am focusing on couples that are in college, of all ages, and have realized that balancing their priorities has now become stressful. My topics I will beĀ focusing on are what date ideas I can share that may interest my readers. The date ideas could be a different restaurant you have never been to, or could be a home cook meal because that’s all you can afford. Maybe you want to drive to a different town outside of Whitewater that offers other entities Whitewater doesn’t – I got you.

Relationships may be the first thing on someone’s mind, or the last during the school year, but with some advice and guidance to make the time to see your significant other and mix things up a bit from your regular routines, things will change – in a GOOD WAY! Now go find your significant other and take them on a date!

With love,