Located right near the outskirts of Whitewater is a small brewing and grill restaurant called Second Salem. Salem is one of the many restaurants that students head to after a long day of exams or a night out before heading downtown. Salem has also been known to have unique names to their own brews. Such as the Best of Bray Road Amber Ale, the Black Mass Stout, the Witchtower Pale Ale and many more! Each of their beers has a different name with a different illustrated picture. For this year, a new brew is coming to Second Salem and that brew is called Killer Hill Winter Ale.

On Saturday, December 2nd, Second Salem will be hosting a ‘release party’ introducing the new beer. There will be live music featuring, The Brothers Quinn, starting at 9 p.m. and tapping’s of the winter ale. The photo of the newly introduced beer is of a werewolf on a sled riding in the snow holding what I think to be the winter ale, high up like he’s proud of the beer.

Featured is the Kill Hill Winter Ale brew poster. I do not own the rights to this photo.

Featured is the Kill Hill Winter Ale brew poster.  COPYWRITE.

This event is hosted right in Whitewater, which means you and your significant other can head downtown and enjoy the live band and new brew. It gives you guys something to do on a cold winter Saturday night instead of staying inside. Like what I have said before, get out and go on adventures with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It makes some great stories to laugh about later.

Visit Second Salem’s website to learn more about the event and to view their menu on food and brews.