Parade of Lights happening in Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Parade of Lights happening in Whitewater, Wisconsin. COPYTWRITE.

In Whitewater, it may seem boring to the both of you and realizing that not much happens, but you should know that this town has a lot of hidden gems during the holidays. One of them is the Parade of Lights on December 1st at 6 p.m. Their route will be heading down Main Street. Lights are something that symbolizes the holidays during the cold winter months and what better way to enjoy them than with your significant other? This parade is open to the public to sign up and make their own float for the parade.

If you and your significant other can’t travel anywhere to see lights, this is a great compromise that is right in town. This parade will bring the town together to enjoy it and you can stay warm with having someone you like or love right next to you. If you look and search hard enough, Whitewater has small events happening everywhere, every night and the Parade of Lights is one of them.

I mean come on, who doesn’t love a parade and lights?!