Christkindlmarket in Chicago.

Christkindlmarket in Chicago. COPYWRITE.

Winter is coming and that means that many dates ideas are going to be coming your way! The first of many I wanted to share that is related to the holidays is the Christkinlmarket that is held in Chicago from November 18-December 24 of this year at the Daley Plaza. Christkinlmarket is Chicago’s largest open-air market that is a favorite to the locals and to the visitors of the event. It is inspired by a Germany market and features iconic German merchandise you can purchase, such as nutcrackers, cukoo-clocks, beer steins, ornaments, wooden handcrafts and authentic food! This market is something that is very different than anything we would have in Whitewater, Milwaukee or Madison.

Instead of making this an all-day event, it could be a pit stop for you and your significant other. Around the plaza, they have shops so you can do some holiday shopping done and maybe see a movie. Around the plaza, Chicago has a lot of fine dining and movies theaters, so maybe you guys could treat yourself after a long semester and a trip to Chicago could be holiday presents to each other.

To get to Chicago from Whitewater isn’t going to be that tricky! You first must drive to Harvard, IL (46 min drive) and park your car in the train station parking lot. Inside of the building, you buy a two-way ticket for about $8 – make sure it’s two ways! You then wait for the train to come it’ll take you right to Chicago OTC. Here is a link to the bus route with schedules and where to get off .

« Key Tips for a Trip »

  • Pack snacks and drinks for the both of you. It’s a long train ride and you won’t want to spend all of your money on food and drinks at the market or other expensive places in Chicago.
  • Keep a map with you/take note of where and what time you need to get off and on the train. It’s important you know what your schedule is, you don’t want to be stranded in Chicago!
  • Don’t keep any personal belongings outside of your bag or in your pockets. Make sure to keep your purse close to you zipped closed and your backpack, if you want, a small lock on it would work too.
  • Ice skate at Millennium Park near the bean and enjoy the holiday lights around you both! It’s a great way to explore other parts of Chicago and adventure in the city for the day.

Take in the time you guys have together and enjoy every big or small adventure you guys take. When traveling, it can get tough on one another for directions and when or where to go, but be patient, relax and have fun!