It is finally November and that means there are 8 more Fridays till Christmas! But who’s counting… So that also means we still must get through the second, best holiday of the year, which is Thanksgiving. If you love food, this is your holiday. For some college students, it may be their least favorite due to long travels to head home to see their family, or maybe they don’t have a choice to head home for the holidays and must stay in the empty town of Whitewater.

This article is for the ones who are wanting to spend this holiday with their significant other, friends or can’t not head home for the holiday weekend. Heading to Walmart and making/buying a thanksgiving feast is the perfect way to spend the holidays since you are a poor college student with nowhere to go.

When heading to Walmart:

  • Instead of buying a turkey, buy the rotisserie chicken that is already made. It’s a great substitute to a large turkey you don’t have the time to cook. Buy multiple if you both are having a huge friendsgiving.
  • Instead of making homemade stuffing, you can buy the microwavable kind instead of the oven kind – but we all know that oven cooked stuffing is the best and don’t forget the rolls!
  • You can buy the McCormick Turkey “lump free” gravy for just $1.48. All you must do is just add one packet of the mix and a cup of water into a saucepan, stir, heat and serve!
  • If you liked cranberries? Easy enough, Walmart has the canned cranberries and if there isn’t enough sauce in there for you, then buy the can of cranberry sauce to add to it!
  • For crock pot recipes if you have one on hand, follow this link and check them out! They are delicious – my favorite is the crock pot mac & cheese.
  • Last, but not least is dessert! Walmart has many desserts to choose from, including the traditional dessert that every person must have at their thanksgiving feast; the pumpkin pie!