Halloween weekend is the time to wear costumes and head out to downtown bars or parties, but there may be a night when you’re tired of painting your faces with cheap face paint and want to stay in and watch Friday the 13th – or my favorite, Halloweentown. When staying in to watch your favorite scary movie, snacks are a HUGE deal. What are you going to eat when a scary scene comes on that you know something bad is going to happen and you just can’t stop stuffing your face? Well, I have a few quick and easy, spooky snack ideas for you and your movie date to make while getting ready for a Halloween night in!

« Monster Rice Krispie Treats »


We all have seen Monster’s Inc. and fell in love with the way Mike Wazowski and Sully are with Boo. They are the original three best friends that anyone could have and you know that there is food in relation to that movie. Meet the easiest yet, messiest snack you could make – Monster Rice Krispie treats.


3 tbsp butter
5 1/2 cups mini marshmallows
6 cups rice cereal
7 drops green food coloring
“eyeball” candy treat toppers


  1. “Microwave butter in a large bowl for 30 seconds.
  2. Add Marshmallows to bowl and stir
  3. Microwave mixture for 45 seconds.  Stir and add food coloring.  Microwave an additional 45 seconds.
  4. Stir marshmallow mixture well and add rice cereal.
  5. Use two spoons to create “lumps” of cereal on wax paper. Add monster eyes.
  6. Allow to harden and enjoy!”