A movie night has always been an option in my books for a date night. You have dinner and watch a movie after – It’s the perfect way to spend a night with your boyfriend/girlfriend. The only problem is what do you watch?? There are so many different movies on Netflix that sometimes, you just can’t decide together on a happy medium. A few choices that I have seen and am recommending with maybe help you both decide what to watch on a night in.


The Classic – “Tommy Boy”

"Tommy Boy" movie poster.

“Tommy Boy” movie poster. COPYWRITE.

“Tommy Boy” stars Chris Farley from Saturday Night Life.. What information do you need? Tommy and Richard, two characters that we have learned and grow to love from the movie “Tommy Boy”. It’s the perfect classic movie for any night in, depending on your humor. It’s a stupid humor with a hint of drama just to keep you engaged. It’s one of my all time favorite movie classics that shares a story about friendship, family and love. It’s a happy medium for you and your boyfriend because although it’s not a complete romance movie, it’s about the humorous adventure the character’s share. But what’s a humorous movie with a little romance, right?



The Romance – “Leap Year”

"Leap Year" movie poster.

“Leap Year” movie poster. COPYWRITE.

“Leap Year” is a romance movie that I highly recommend to anyone searching on Netflix for a heart-warming love story. Not only is it romantic, there’s also a lot of smart-ass remarks from both the main characters, which will make it fun for YOU both to laugh about! Fate has brought these two characters together, and their adventure is definitely one for the books. Each day is different for them with a different obstacle they must get through to get Anna (one of the main characters back to her fiancé) but I don’t want to spoil it too much so I’ll stop at that.



The Scary – “Hush”

"Hush" movie poster.

“Hush” movie poster. COPYWRITE.

“Hush” is a movie that I have just discovered on Netflix that not many people have seen. It’s a movie about a deaf woman who is a journalist living in a cabin in the woods (you already know this is going to be scary) to clear her mind from the rest of the world. As she thinks she’s alone in her large, wood cabin, she’s in fact not as she soon realizes her phone is missing and a man is standing outside her front porch looking in. If you both are feeling a creepy movie that keeps you guessing in every scene of the movie, then this movie is the one for you guys.