Photo of the UW- Madison football field. Taken from Bing.

Photo of the UW- Madison football field. Taken from Bing. COPYWRITE.

Whitewater has a great sports program, a loud crowd to get you rowdy and tasty food, but heading out of town to get away from the school that causes some stress is a great way for the both of you to finally relax and enjoy yourselves at a sporting event outside of Whitewater. The two places that I have experienced sporting events at so far and grew up visiting are Madison and Milwaukee. The two closest, large cities near Whitewater!

Madison is the first city you should visit for a night on the town and attending a UW-Madison sporting event. I have been to UW – Madison football games, basketball games and hockey games and have not had one bad experience from any of them. The crowd goes crazy for Wisconsin sports and enjoying that atmosphere together, really sparks an interest in the joy of others and the joy of being with each other. For football games, you can tailgate with family and friends and cook out, or you can head to State St. State St. is a beautiful place to head to before or after a game! It’s right near the capital and has a great view of the lake. Heading to a new restaurant could possibly be your new go to spot when heading to Madison or a bar that you guys visit could have a drink that you have never had before! It’s definitely an adventure when you head to Madison for the day or weekend.

Milwaukee Bucks logo. Photos taken from Bing.

Milwaukee Bucks logo. Photos taken from Bing. COPYWRITE.

Milwaukee has beer, baseball and basketball, what more can you ask for! Milwaukee is another great city to visit for the day or weekend with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It has some of the best-known breweries in Wisconsin, but most importantly they have the Brewers and the Bucks. Going to a Brewers game is the most fun I have had at any sporting event in Wisconsin. You tailgate with your family and friends, smell the grilling of foods in every direction and the sound of laughter coming from each tailgate. It’s such an entertaining environment, it’s worth the hour drive! Traveling to Milwaukee and attending a Brewers game with give you and your boyfriend/girlfriend an adventure that will be in for the books. The Bucks basketball game is another sporting event you need to attend! In the past, the Bucks haven’t been the most popular team to win many games, but now with drafting new players, such as Giannais Antetokounmpo, who has chaged the image of the Bucks overall. Seeing the Bucks improve on their skills actually makes it worth the money to travel to Milwaukee and see what the hype is all about, about the Bucks. After the games, you can head to downtown Milwaukee and enjoy the night life! Hungry? Look for a new restaurant you both have never heard of and try new food. Thirsty? Head to a bar on Brady Street for a few drinks and fun.

You guys will not be disappointed when you drive to Madison or Milwaukee. Even though each city has a different environment, they are equally entertaining and have plenty of activites to keep yourselves occupied and make new adventures.