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    Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes

    Welcome back! Thank you for joining me for another week of “Discovering Wellness”! This blog will be discussing the importance of dieting vs lifestyle changes. If you’re like me, the word “diet” is very taunting! We are trained by society to be on all these different diets, pills, and workout plans. We are overwhelmed with the pressure of being on the keto diet, a sugar-free diet, Weight Watchers, the Mediterranean diet, and so much more! I am a stronger believer of ending all diets! Why? Keep reading! From a young age I was surrounded by advertisements and comments from those around me about the new and best diets. I have…

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    Hello, welcome to my first blog! I am so excited you are here! Throughout the next couple of weeks, I will be taking you on a journey to help you discovering wellness. I will be splitting wellness into three different categories; physical, mental, and nutrition. Each week I will be alternating which aspect of wellness I will be focusing on. I will be starting our journey together off by discussing “Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes” in my blog next week. Why listen to a word I have to say? Good question! Let me explain my background in discovering my wellness and why I created this blog. From a young age, I…