Nutrition On-The-Go

Thanks for joining me for another week of, “Discovering Wellness”. So far, we have discussed dieting vs lifestyle changes, the importance of mental health, taking your workout to the next level, finding balance in nutrition, emotional intelligence, and at home workouts. I wanted to include a quick recap in case you are interesting in learning more about the blogs I’ve been posting! This week, I will be discussing how to maintain healthy eating within the busy society we live in today.

Today, we are always on the move. Society is training us to pack our schedule with classes, work, meetings, sports, etc. Keeping up with your nutrition can become difficult when you don’t know how to take care of your body, or don’t have the time! Time management is HUGE in nutrition on-the-go. I am going to discuss some tricks and tip to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a busy life.

Packing snacks is important when you’ll be out and about for a short period of time. Instead of “giving in” and buying a meal at a restaurant or fast-food chain, pack snacks. Packing a snack like fruits, vegetables, or nuts is very beneficial. These snacks will hold you over till your next meal and prevent unhealthy habits from taking place.

Going to be out for the whole day? Pack a meal! Whether you’ll be at school or work, pack your own food. Having your own food will again prevent you from partaking in eating unhealthy habits. While there are healthy options at restaurants, when packing your own meals, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Forget snacks or a meal? Practicing better eating is more beneficial than trying to practice perfect eating. We try so hard to be perfect, but it’s very unrealistic. We then give in to eating whatever we want since there is no “ideal” food. Practice better…not perfect! Better will get you farther in life.

Plan ahead is SO important! Knowing what your day or week will look like can help you prepare what your eating habits will look like for the week. I do this every Sunday. I do all my meal and snack prep. This way, you know exactly what you’ll be eating for the week and there’s no room for error. I also plan ahead before going out to eat. Instead of trying to figure out healthy options quickly before the waiter comes back, I know a couple options I can choose from.

Are you hungry or thirsty? Do you really NEED the ice cream? Being with friends and family can be bad influences. Check in with yourself every now and then to understand what your body needs vs wants.

I hope you were able to pick up on some new tricks and tips you will try this upcoming week. These have helped me over the past couple years to maintain a healthy (not perfect) lifestyle on vacation, at work, or wherever I’m heading next. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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