At Home Workouts

This week I am going to be discussing ways to exercise within the comfort of your home! Keeping your body moving is so important!! Moving keeps your blood flowing and muscles strong while improving your coordination, stability and balance. Exercising will also help enhance your mood and energy. These all contribute to your overall mental and physical wellness.

At home workouts can look many different ways. I am going to provide a few examples of staying healthy and moving at home!

1.) Find workouts on YouTube! YouTube is a great place to start. Over quarantine a lot of trainers released a variety of different workout series. Below I’ve provided a few of my favorites…

(Get Fit With Rick – a great workout to break up your day or for beginners)

(Chloe Ting – I have never tried, however, hear a lot of people like her)

(Move With Nicole – great yoga/pilates workouts!)

2.) Join an online workout program. I am not too familiar with all the workout program’s out there, however, there are A TON to choose from! My family has a Beachbody On Demand and we love it. There are a variety different workout trainers and exercise programs to choose from. They tend to be a little pricey (just to warn you!), but highly recommend looking into it if a gym setting isn’t your thing.

3.) Get outside! Going for a run, walk, or bike ride outside is great for you. If you don’t have the space or money to workout at home, walks and runs are still great for you! I’m not much of a runner so I get fresh air by walking or riding a bike. There are options for everyone.

I hope you were able to take something away from this blog post! Alright, get off your computer and GET MOVING!

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