Taking Your Workout to the Next Level

Welcome back!! I’m so happy you are back to learn more about “Discovering Wellness”! This week I am going to be focusing on taking your workout to the next level. Side note, I am not a fitness God by any means, so this blog will be most beneficial for beginners, or those of you like me who workout a couple days a week. I am going to start off by sharing some tips and tricks that work best for me!

1.) I believe hydration is key! Staying hydrated is so important! Being dehydrated at the gym will lead to a poor workout and is also very dangerous.

2.) STRETCH! Stretching before and after your workout is crucial. Stretching helps loosen your muscles and prepare you for a great workout. I always stretch before starting my warm-up. Stretch before and after your workout helps release tension and prevents injury.

3.) Listen to the right music! Music is a huge part of my workout. If I’m not listening to the right music, I mentally can’t perform to my fullest. If you don’t have a playlist made, I reccomend going on Spotify and searching “workout”. Spotify’s workout genre has a wide range of music options.

4.) Take the right supplements! I do not recommend using supplements if you are new to working out. Right now, I am currently taking a pre-workout, post-workout, and use protein powder as well. My pre-workout help me perform at the gym, giving me energy and motivation. The post-workout is amazing after a hard workout. This helps prevent soreness, aches, and helps your body recover. I am not into protein drinks, so I put my protein in my smoothies. Smoothies fulfill my sweet tooth while providing me great nutrients.

While these are just a few tips and tricks to help take your workout to the next level, it is a great place to start. I hope you are able to apply some of the tips above into your next workout. Trust me, you will see a huge difference!

My supplements of choice:

Pre-workout: Beyond Raw LIT Pre Workout ( – comes in a variety of different flavors and last forever!

Post-workout: Recharge – Post-Workout Supplement ( – comes in 3 different flavors and an unflavored option. Again, this product lasts forever…a lot of bang for your buck.

Protein Powder: Vega Protein and Greens – I personally like but don’t LOVE this product. This protein powder is great for you, but doesn’t take the best. I love this product because it is plant-based, non-gmo, and includes your daily serving of greens.


  • Savannah Bertram

    Hi Madison!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog! Coincidentally, taking my workout to the next level has been something I’ve been interested in researching for myself but I haven’t found the time. I especially liked how you noted what pre-workout, post-workout, and protein powders you use. That subject is foreign to me but your insight really helped!

    Have a great week! 🙂

  • Patrick Cesarone

    Hi Madison,

    I really must point out the importance of the right music while you’re working out. I started working out without music if that is even possible. Finding the right playlist and tone for how im feeling and what type of workout I want to have.

  • Lissie Eichel

    Hi Madison!

    I am not huge into working out, so reading your blog has sparked some pep in my step. I need to get back in the gym and start working out more! These are great beginner tips for me! You mention taking suppliments, I am not huge into that so I am not sure if you take vitiamns but do you have any recommendations for that? Also, if you have any workouts that you really like I would love if you added that somewhere.

    I always really enjoy your blogs so thank you for another great one!

    Have an amazing week, can’t wait for the next blog! (:

  • Hannah Broome

    Hi Madison,
    I personally love Vega protein. As a person with Celiac disease and tries to eat as close to raw and vegan as possible, it’s definitely hard to find products that support this lifestyle. However, Vega is soo easy for smoothies and smoothie bowls and I love them for before or after the gym. I’ve been looking for a new pre-workout so I’ll definitely check the one you suggested out. Thanks for sharing!

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