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Are you tasked with bringing a beverage for Thanksgiving dinner. To be completely honest, this can be a hassle. Getting a large group of people to agree on the same drink is virtually impossible. Similarly, turkey is a tough food to pair with and finding the proper beverage is important. This post has both alcoholic and nonalcoholic options.

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Check This Out

As we get a little closer to Thanksgiving I wanted to talk about a popular tend that I think everyone should take part in. While this has nothing to do with actually cooking, I still think it is important to discuss it. A term of “friends-giving” has grown in popularity over the lat few years. It simply is a gathering of friends like thanksgiving either before or after the actual holiday.

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Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. The holiday gives students a taste of home again after a long beginning portion of the semester as well as a much needed break. Some students will choose to catch up with friends and family while others will catch up on major assignments due in the near future or a combination of both.

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