Taking photos for my feature story

For my featureĀ  story, I will be researching how using a headset to communicate to other players while playing video games effects the game play.

While this is not necessarily a subject I am familiar with since I do not play video games that often, I have a few friends that are use this technology all the time. I started with my roommate Tanner, who probably spends eight hours of the day playing video games, and has a select few people that he communicates with through a headset. I began to observe him and how the headset changes the way he plays the game.

I began to snap a few photos. I took some of the headset itself, to show that it has an extendable microphone that sticks out from the left-ear side. I then took some of the screen, specifically a display that shows in the game exactly who is on a headset. A small icon also changes shape when a person in the game is talking.

Finally, I took some pictures of Tanner’s facial expressions while he played. Sometimes, he would have to take a second and place his hand over one side of the headset, so he could hear better. My friend Topher was over at this point, and I did the same thing with him. I have a ways to go in this project, but this first step really helped me learn a lot about this type of technology.

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