Interviewing Skills

When conducting an interview, it is important to follow a couple guidelines. First, in terms of the questions, it is important to be considerate in asking appropriate questions at the appropriate times. In addition, before even beginning to ask questions, have the interviewee say and spell their first and last name. This is helpful not only for writing a story on the interview, but also recording a voice over for the story, so you don’t pronounce the name of the interviewee incorrectly.

At the start of the interview, ask questions that aren’t going to take the interviewee by surprise. Start with questions that they are easily expecting you to ask. In doing this, you will earn the trust of the interviewee, and it will become easier to get the more important answers down the road.

At this point, it will be easier to get the answers you need from the interviewee. You will have gained their trust, and therefore they will be more confident in opening up to you. Ultimately, follow these couple easy steps will prove to be very beneficial to you as an interviewer, and you will have served your purpose as an interviewer.


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