Why study new communication technology

Communication technology will always be evolving, so humans will always need to evolve with it. That being said, studying new communication technology will always benefit us as humans.

In addition, these days people always feel inclined to be a part of the “next best thing,” and that absolutely applies to communication technology. People are always gonna need to communicate with each other, so changing and adapting to new communication forms is essential to human life.

When the smartphone first came out, it was a new form of technology that nobody had seen before. Not even anything similar had been released prior to the Iphone. Since nobody had seen this type of technology, people had to learn how to use it. Back then, it was hard for some people to do that, and it is still difficult for some today.

If people don’t learn to use to use technology as it changes, I believe that it will be very hard for us to advance as a society. Studying new communication technology will make it easier for those who struggle with technology to stay with the times, and help society advance as a whole.

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