Recording video for my NCT feature

I have a lot of experience with video production, so I was not really worried when it came to starting to put this together.

As I stated in my last post, I am researching the communication between video game players through a headset that players frequently use, and how that effects game play.

Using the same two people I took still photos of, plus one more, I got to work. I got some footage of my “actors” setting their equipment up, and navigating the game screen. I also got a couple head shots of them playing, along with some NAT SOT so you can hear what they are saying while they play the game.

So my viewers can get a better idea of how the headset equipment is used, I took some footage of the guys plugging it in, and enabling any settings that they might need to change in the game itself.

Much like taking photos, I learned a lot about this technology while I was gathering all this footage. Taking video, and actually listening to what they are saying while they play, really helped me get a better understanding of how this technology is used to communicate, as well as improve video game play.

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