Recording video for my NCT feature

I have a lot of experience with video production, so I was not really worried when it came to starting to put this together.

As I stated in my last post, I am researching the communication between video game players through a headset that players frequently use, and how that effects game play.

Using the same two people I took still photos of, plus one more, I got to work. I got some footage of my “actors” setting their equipment up, and navigating the game screen. I also got a couple head shots of them playing, along with some NAT SOT so you can hear what they are saying while they play the game.

So my viewers can get a better idea of how the headset equipment is used, I took some footage of the guys plugging it in, and enabling any settings that they might need to change in the game itself.

Much like taking photos, I learned a lot about this technology while I was gathering all this footage. Taking video, and actually listening to what they are saying while they play, really helped me get a better understanding of how this technology is used to communicate, as well as improve video game play.

Taking photos for my feature story

For my featureĀ  story, I will be researching how using a headset to communicate to other players while playing video games effects the game play.

While this is not necessarily a subject I am familiar with since I do not play video games that often, I have a few friends that are use this technology all the time. I started with my roommate Tanner, who probably spends eight hours of the day playing video games, and has a select few people that he communicates with through a headset. I began to observe him and how the headset changes the way he plays the game.

I began to snap a few photos. I took some of the headset itself, to show that it has an extendable microphone that sticks out from the left-ear side. I then took some of the screen, specifically a display that shows in the game exactly who is on a headset. A small icon also changes shape when a person in the game is talking.

Finally, I took some pictures of Tanner’s facial expressions while he played. Sometimes, he would have to take a second and place his hand over one side of the headset, so he could hear better. My friend Topher was over at this point, and I did the same thing with him. I have a ways to go in this project, but this first step really helped me learn a lot about this type of technology.

Interviewing Skills

When conducting an interview, it is important to follow a couple guidelines. First, in terms of the questions, it is important to be considerate in asking appropriate questions at the appropriate times. In addition, before even beginning to ask questions, have the interviewee say and spell their first and last name. This is helpful not only for writing a story on the interview, but also recording a voice over for the story, so you don’t pronounce the name of the interviewee incorrectly.

At the start of the interview, ask questions that aren’t going to take the interviewee by surprise. Start with questions that they are easily expecting you to ask. In doing this, you will earn the trust of the interviewee, and it will become easier to get the more important answers down the road.

At this point, it will be easier to get the answers you need from the interviewee. You will have gained their trust, and therefore they will be more confident in opening up to you. Ultimately, follow these couple easy steps will prove to be very beneficial to you as an interviewer, and you will have served your purpose as an interviewer.


Why study new communication technology

Communication technology will always be evolving, so humans will always need to evolve with it. That being said, studying new communication technology will always benefit us as humans.

In addition, these days people always feel inclined to be a part of the “next best thing,” and that absolutely applies to communication technology. People are always gonna need to communicate with each other, so changing and adapting to new communication forms is essential to human life.

When the smartphone first came out, it was a new form of technology that nobody had seen before. Not even anything similar had been released prior to the Iphone. Since nobody had seen this type of technology, people had to learn how to use it. Back then, it was hard for some people to do that, and it is still difficult for some today.

If people don’t learn to use to use technology as it changes, I believe that it will be very hard for us to advance as a society. Studying new communication technology will make it easier for those who struggle with technology to stay with the times, and help society advance as a whole.