Popular Bike Models

Whenever someone has made up their mind that they would like to purchase a bike, the next big decision they have to make is deciding on what specific bike model they want. With the many different bike models out there, it can be extremely confusing which bike would work best for you. Today, I will try to make it less confusing, and will tell you about some popular bike models that people recommend. The first bike that I want to talk about are Trek bikes. Now this is a bike brand that I actually have used many times before. Trek is actually the largest biking brand in the United States. (Bikes Reviewed) Different Trek bikes have different prices, for instance, cheaper ones can cost around four hundred dollars, while more expensive ones can cost up to twelve thousand dollars. (Bicycle-Guider) Since twelve thousand dollars seems to be way too much for many people, I will go into detail on the four hundred dollar one instead. The four hundred dollar bike is called the 820. (Bicycle-Guider) It is a mountain bike, and is also the most affordable bike that Trek offers. (Bicycle-Guider) They come with rim brakes and twenty six inch tires. (Bicycle-Guider) The 820 is actually a good bike model for people that are just looking to get more into biking. Another popular bike brand is Cannondale. (Global Brands Magazine) They make mountain bikes, road bikes, and much more. (Global Brands Magazine) However, it is important to know that Cannondale bikes are pretty pricy compared to other bikes, although some would say that they are worth the extra money.(Global Brands Magazine) One of the more popular models of Cannondale bikes is called Synapse.(Bicycle-Guider)  They are road bikes that come with carbon and aluminum frames.(Bicycle-Guider) Something that I think is great about Synapse is that there are bikes more geared towards beginners, and others that are more high-end models. (Bicycle-Guider) These are just a couple of the most popular biking brands in the United States, but there are many more. It is important that everyone does their own research when choosing what bike would be the best for them.





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  1. I personally like to bike just for fun on warm days so that I can travel around and get some fresh air. I do need a new bike so maybe I will look into a Trek!

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