Famous Bikers

There are many famous bikers that are still talked about to this day. The first biker that I want to talk about is Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong was an American cyclist who won many races in the Tour de France. However, he was eventually forced to stop competing due to possible cheating. He was being accused of using performance enhancing drugs, which he eventually confessed to. Although people were disappointed in hearing that he had been using performance enhancing drugs a lot, he has still left behind an enormous legacy as one of the world’s most famous cyclers. Another biker that I want to talk about is Laurent Jalabert. Laurent Jalabert is a French cyclist. During the 90’s he was thought of as one of the best bikers of that era. However, one interesting fact is that he had never won the Tour de France. The third biker that I want to talk about is Miguel Indurain. He has actually won many races in the Tour de France. The next biker that I want to talk about is Bernard Hinault. Bernard Hinault had actually won about five Tour de France competitions which showed that he was an extremely capable biker. The Tour de France competitions he won took place between the 70’s and 80’s. He is now retired but he is frequently thought of as one of the greatest cyclists of all time, and for good reason. There have been so many incredible cyclists over the years, and I find it fascinating seeing how far some people are able to push themselves.

3 thoughts on “Famous Bikers”

  1. Lance is about the only biker I have ever heard of. I would like to see biking get more national attention!

  2. As far as famous bikers that race I have only heard of Lance, but I have heard of pro bmx riders. I think racing in different terrains is really cool and requires a lot of physical endurance.

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