Places that I have enjoyed biking in

There have been many places that I have been to that I have really enjoyed biking in. One of my favorite places for biking is San Diego, California. Biking is so common there with many people participating in it. It has been a couple years since I was last in San Diego, but I remember being surprised as to how many people I saw biking. I really enjoyed biking in the areas by the beach. There were many places by the beach that would let you rent bikes whenever you needed to use one. I hope to go back to San Diego one day in the future to bike there again. Another place that I remember really enjoying biking in was Chicago. During the summer, it is a fantastic place to go biking. Just like San Diego, there are places where you can go and rent bikes whenever you need to use one. I enjoyed biking by the lake as it is very nice to look at during the summer. It is important to remember that both San Diego and Chicago can get extremely hot during the summer so it is very important to prepare accordingly. Bringing extra water is very important during the very hot days. Other places that I have enjoyed biking in has been forest preserves in Illinois. I have seen many forest preserves in Illinois and have enjoyed all of them a lot. I enjoy how big some of them are so it offers more places for you to bike.

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