Good Places for Biking

Hello, today I will be talking about places that are very good for biking. One place that I have seen many people talk about on the Internet is San Francisco, California. (New York Times) I myself have never gotten to bike in San Francisco, but I have been biking in San Diego, which I would highly recommend. One of the reasons why San Francisco is such a great place for biking is that there are many beautiful views you can see when you are biking in that area. (The Culture Trip) In San Francisco, biking has grown by about 184% since the year 2006. (SFMTA) This statistic shows just how many people participate in this activity in San Francisco. Another city that is great for biking is Denver, Colorado. (My Move) Not only is Denver, Colorado a great place for biking, but it is also a great city for walking in. (Denver) One reason as to why the city is such a great place for biking is because of the multiple bike parks it has in it. (Denver) I have never been to Colorado before, but after learning this new information about how great Denver is for biking, I would love to visit it someday. Another city that is great for biking is Seattle, Washington. (New York Times) One of the many reasons as to why Seattle, Washington is such a good place for biking is that the bike lanes are amazing to ride in. (Bicycling) The city has taken a lot of steps to make this bike lines even safer than they normally would be, such as using lean rails for bikers who need to stop. These are only cities in the U.S. that are excellent for bikers, however there are even more cities that people would also recommend for bikers.


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  1. Hi! This was a very interesting blog post. It was cool to hear about all the different places to go biking. I have been to Seattle, Washington before a few years back, but did not go biking. I think that it would be an enjoyable experience biking because of the amazing views of the mountains.

  2. Hey this is interesting! I’ve always been intrigued by how working out can have mental benefits as vital as physical benefits. I never actually knew that until I myself started working out. Looking forward to seeing that blog post!

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