Tip 10: Give Back To Subscribers

Hello everyone!

This is our last tip before we do a final check in next week. I don’t know if I’ll reach my goal, but I have enjoyed every minute of streaming. This last tip happens to be my favorite, so I am excited to talk about it today.

The last tip is to give back to your subscribers! You can do this by playing games with them, giving shout outs, or letting them pick what games you play. Though these gestures may seem small, they show that you care about what your audience thinks and enjoys!

One of my favorite streamers, Maddynf, has always done streams where she plays with her subscribers on Fridays. This is much more difficult for her as she is a bigger streamer. However, when you are a smaller streamer these gestures can set you apart from the other streamers.

Viewers love to feel included so whether its playing a game of Fortnite with them or creating a sims character how the prefer, this makes them feel like they’re your friend as well! I promise the viewers will really appreciate the effort you put into your stream.

I hope this information was helpful and I hope that some of you consider streaming in the future as well!

Happy Streaming Everyone!


  • Makai

    This is a good suggestion. My friend who streams likes to include his viewers through user-defined challenges.
    Since he plays a lot of single player games, it’s difficult to include his viewerbase, so he allows people to spend Channel Points to make the game more challenging/interesting, like disallowing him from using a certain mechanic.
    It’s great to include your viewers in what you’re doing – the nature of livestreaming allows for a greater degree of interaction than something like a YouTube video, so it makes sense to utilize that aspect of the platform.

  • Billie Jo Parker

    I think playing with subscribers is one of the best ways to give back to people that support streamers. It is true that it can be hard for bigger streamers to do this, but it can be great for small streamers. It can also help build and strengthen streaming communities. I personally have never experienced being able to play with any of my favorite streams, but I hope one day I will be able to.

  • Jeffrey Wardon

    It’s always a great idea to have interactivity with your chat. Part of that is making your chat feel like they’re gaining something more from watching your streams. I know this blog has made me want to get into streaming myself. Overall, great post!

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