Today’s post is focusing on looking at my progress from implementing the tips I’ve researched. While this is a shorter post, it’s important to look at the progress you’ve made and see what you could improve on.

Today I stand at 16 followers on Twitch. While this may not seem like a lot, I’m still happy to see minimal growth. I have had a hard time balancing school, work, and streaming, so any change is welcomed. For this second half of the journey I will be pushing myself to stick to my schedule and making sure that I do in fact take the time to stream once a week.

Thank you all for checking in, and I look forward to sharing more tips next week! We are now halfway through our tips.

Happy Streaming Everyone!


  • Mohammed Al Khathlan

    Great job!

    Getting twitch followers is harder than most platforms. As long as you are working hard and improving you craft success will come later.

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