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Northwoods League: Kenosha Kingfish

I decided to take a break from blogging about news happening in the Major Leagues to focus on a league that still captivates and beholds the love of athletes playing their favorite sport. I come from a town where I am luck enough to have a Northwoods League team, where during the summer college baseball players are drafted into Northwoods League teams and they play baseball for the respected team in the city where those teams are located for the duration of the summer.

If you did not get the hint or make an attempt to guess, I come from the city of Kenosha. Our city has the Northwoods League team called the Kenosha Kingfish. This team plays at Simmons Field, located a short drive from the shores of Lake Michigan. One of my favorite places to go to baseball games with my parents over the summer when we can’t go to Miller Park, Simmons Field is a historic, yet new baseball field you should try and visit if you make a stop in Kenosha over the summer.

The tickets for Kingfish games are reasonably priced and the environment at the field is family-friend with activities and themed nights to keep all ages entertained. There are different games to play for kids and even a kids area for younger crowds where you can pay a small fee to let the kids run off some steam for a little while. The food is your typical ballpark spread, but it is not as expensive as if you went to get a meal at major league parks. It is all reasonably priced and tastes good for ballpark food.

Overall, the Kingfish have been playing well throughout the years I can remember growing up and going to their games. They had a home-run derby off one of the piers near the lake, which drew a huge crowd and gathering of Kenosha community members and raised a lot of money as well. They do many things within the community and Elvis their mascot visits schools and meets kids! The Kingfish also made a run at the Northwoods League championship and even prevailed a few years ago, which was exciting for the City of Kenosha to celebrate.

So if you are ever in the area over the summer, make a stop and check out a Kenosha Kingfish game. You won’t regret it!

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