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    The 5 Best Frozen Dairy Products You Can Find at the Supermarket

    *prices vary by store and location; I’m using Pick ‘n Save store prices as of 11/3/19 for reference (no sale items). Sales tax (estimated) has been included in final prices. It’s starting to get colder out and you know what that means? Absolutely nothing for me, I’ll still be hanging out in the supermarket ice cream aisle browsing the shelves no matter if it’s 80 or -20 degrees outside. I know my local Pick ‘n Save’s frozen novelty and ice cream aisle like the back of my hand, and I’ve decided to take my knowledge and expertise and use it to compile a list of the top 5 frozen dairy…

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    Culver’s Scoopie tokens – The best kind of currency

    (This picture was taken AFTER I cashed in 10 of my Culver’s Scoopie tokens this past weekend.) Can we talk about how awesome the freebies you get with a Kids’ meal at Culver’s are?! First and foremost, you get a FREE scoop of ice cream. That already is the main reason as to why I only have ever bought Kids’ meals at Culver’s. Value Baskets? Don’t know her. The kid’s meal really is the best bang for your buck – for $5 you get an entree, a side, free ice cream, and the portions are still enough to fill up an average adult (even my parents get them)! Of course,…