High School vs College Bowling


High School bowling is always a difficult time for some bowlers and some schools. Then again some people on my team currently have had amazing success in high school. For my team in high school it was very difficult because me and one other bowler were actually really good and we were consistent. We never made it to states as a team but I made states back to back years for singles. Which was never done at my school so it was a rather lack luster bowling school. High school bowling is almost meant to be fun and people don’t take it seriously because it doesn’t get you anywhere really. College bowling on the other hand is a completely different animal.


College bowling is just a whole other animal than high school bowling. When I was in high school I was a big fish in such a small pond and when you go to college you are bowling the best from where ever they are from. Depending on where you go to college the team can be the same as your high school but for me it wasn’t even close. Our lowest guy on our team currently would have been pretty good on my high school team. That just goes to show what the depth is in a college program. We are currently ranked 2nd in the nation and we are beating teams that have such a deep program and have had a deep program for years. The 8 best guys on our team are about to go to nationals and go up against the best schools currently bowling in college.

People don’t understand that bowling is actually competitive and people take it very seriously. To be ranked 2nd in the nation and we are a club sport is just insane. Non of us get money to bowl here and we actually pay to be a member of the team. Not many colleges in the rankings are really high that are clubs. Most colleges offer players money to bowl for them and we pay out of our pocket to bowl. ¬†We are a threat to everyone and everyone is now starting to realize that we are a good program with just good bowlers. Like I said in another post before, we don’t have a lot of super well know players that bowl on tour or on jr team usa. Although we do have 1 bowler that is on jr team, some teams are stacked with those kinds of players. The thing that is different from high school to college is that the gel factor plays a big roll in college. In high school you just want the best players always bowling. In college you can be the best bowler in the world but if you aren’t a good teammate then you won’t travel with the best.

everyone has been a big fish in a little pond on our team, but now you are a fish in a pond just like everyone else on our team. We worked really well together and we will continue to be successful in these next few years. Tune into this week where I talk about different types of bowling balls. Whether they are solid or pearl. I will also talk about resin vs urethane in the post after.

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