Practice! Practice! Practice!

This last weekend I went home to drill up some bowling balls and had a lesson with my coach at home. I am throwing the ball really well right now and every single ball that I ended up drilling is really good right now. I went home to drill the balls because I have singles sectionals this up coming weekend. I am very excited because I am really confident going into this weekend so I am hoping I will bowl well enough to make it to nationals.

I was on video and we watch my game in slow motion and picked out pieces that I needed to have changed and my physical game now is amazing. I haven’t thrown the ball this well in a very long time and if my spare game is good that I should have a great chance of making it to nationals. I bowled ok last year and I just had a couple games that weren’t stellar so if I get rid of those games then I would have done rather well.

I will be traveling with my friends this weekend to Fairview heights and will be staying with them and competing against them for the top spots to qualify for nationals. I am very excited for this weekend and I will have updates on how I do this coming Saturday but this week I will be posting a blog about my practice sessions and how they went before we leave for the tournament.

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