Practicing for Sectionals

Next week is sectionals and I am starting to practice a lot more and grind away at my physical game. The past couple days I have been practicing at least 2 hours a day. I have been throwing it rather well and my second ball is getting a lot better than it use to be. Also I am going home this weekend to drill bowling balls for sectionals. I am excited to see what happens with my new equipment and see if they will make the cut for the sectionals bag.

Single sectionals are where they have 4 different places you can bowl and they take the top bowlers in each sectionals and then they go to nationals and bowl for a national championship. Making cut would be an amazing dream and it would be just awesome just to get close to the cut. I bowled well my sophomore year but had a couple games that really cost me from making the cut.

I will be drilling at most 4 balls this weekend and I will talk to my coach at home about my arsenal and what it needs and doesn’t need. I will be doing a lesson also where I will be on video and have my stats from every shot. These lessons help me a lot and really take my game to the next level. Tune into this weekend on Saturday to find out how my lesson was and how many balls I drilled and what I ended up drilling up.

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