Finally able to practice

I was finally able to practice Tuesday and I actually threw it pretty decent for almost taking about a week off. I really needed that time off and it was nice to be back in the bowling alley. I ended up giving my bowling ball to one of my friends to add an extra weight hole to make the ball have a different reaction down lane.

This gives me a different reaction than it did before and make sure you tune into the next post to find out what a weight hole can actually do to a bowling ball.

I was working on some simple things on Tuesday and it was an actual productive practice which I haven’t had in awhile. Next week I will be having a lesson on video and I will be dissecting my game and find out what is going on with my physical game. I am excited to see what is going on and normally I end up throwing it way better after the lessons.

Working on my release has been something that is a constant battle just because I am not a big fan of how I release the ball. Most people would say I have an awkward roll and it isn’t super effective but it does get the job done for me but I have to work harder and be even more accurate when bowling. Like I said tune in to the next post to find out about the weight hole as well as that larger hole and what that does for me.


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