When leaving the country it can be really difficult deciding what is important to bring, especially if it is your first time.  Here is a list (in no particular order) of travel abroad must haves that I believe are vital while traveling to another country.

  1. Headphones – These are nice to have especially on the plane and waiting in airports.
  2. Universal surge protector adapter – Depending on where you travel they may have different electrical outlets.  So if you want to make sure you can charge your phone, tablet, camera, laptop, etc. You NEED to purchase one of these if you haven’t already! Universal-Travel-USB-Plug-Adaptor-1
  3. Gum – I hate the feeling of my ears popping when on a plane so chewing gum during the take-off and landing can help with the pain.
  4. Change of clothes – If you are checking your bag it is very important to have one or two changes of clothes in your carry-on. Hopefully you won’t need to use it but you never know if something happens to your luggage or you spill on yourself on a flight with turbulence. It’s best to be prepared!
  5. Face wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant, travel toothbrush – No one likes the grubby feeling of being on a plane all day, so face wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant and a travel toothbrush are great ways to help you feel cleaner.
  6. Lock – A lock is a great thing to pack especially if you are staying in hostels. In a communal room, hostels often provide lockers to place your luggage but many do not provide the lock.  I prefer a lock with a dial combo so I do not have to worry about carrying a key.071649396502lg
  7. Reusable water bottle – It’s always important to stay hydrated but remember your water bottle needs to be empty before you go through security!
  8. Book or magazine – Having something to read can really pass the time, and it is smart to pack this because books and magazines are much more expensive in airports.
  9. Ibuprofen –  This is always a good thing to have on hand especially if you haven’t flown much and aren’t sure how you will feel.
  10. Purse/bag with a zipper – I find having a purse with a zipper extremely important. This is vital for carrying your passports, boarding passes, and wallet.  This can ensure that you keep everything safe and makes it harder for pick pocketer’s to steal anything. I prefer an over the shoulder bag so I can always keep the essentials around me. For extra security you can also purchase a money belt!
  11. Passport case – This is not crucial, but it does help keep things more organized.monogram-passport-holder-45
  12. Chapstick – Always nice to have just in case!
  13. Snack – I like to pack a bag of trail mix or some granola bars.  Plus airport food is expensive!
  14. Hair tie – If you have long hair packing a couple extra hair ties and bobby pins is a life saver!
  15. Safety pins – I use these to pin the zippers on my backpack together.  This is much cheaper than buying mini locks and can help you realize if someone is trying to steal something out of your bag.  This comes in handy on crowded places such as public transportation.
  16. 1-110922151T4354Portable phone charger – This is not completely necessary, but if you are only using your phone to take pictures you don’t want to get stuck with a dead device.
  17. Cash – It is important to carry some cash from both the country you are coming from and the country you are going to. Not everyone accepts cards (plus there might be a crazy exchange fee) so carry some cash! Also do not forget to call your bank and tell them what countries you will be going to so they do not lock your card.

I hope my list of travel essentials will help you while packing for your next adventure!