Cold Weather, Workout Weather

Cold weather is here to stay (for the time being) Warhawks and because the gym can get really crowded, most machines and equipment will be occupied. With this weather here to stay for a little while, we might as well take advantage of the cold weather and how we can workout outside. Below you will see some outside workouts with some outside tips on how to dress, look and have a successful outdoor workout. 

Your outdoor-workout look:

1.     Layer up to trap warm air close to your body in cold weather such as rain, wind and snow. Wear layers such as a fleece, a heavy jacket and possibly a coat or wind breaker. 

2.     Wear protective snow gear such as gloves, hat, heavy socks and a scarf or face mask to protect your fingers, face, nose and toes/feet to help keep certain body parts covered and warm.

3.     Protect your skin by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing. The cold air can create dry skin so make sure to cover certain areas exposed to dryness. 

4.     Wear protective shoes with plenty of traction to avoid slipping in any rain, ice or snow. Look for salted or plowed area surfaces to get the best traction. 

5.     Take good breathes through your nose because in the cold weather, our airway passages can become more narrow which can make inhalation a little more difficult so breathing in through your nose can warm air. 

Outdoor workout ideas in the cold:

1.     Take a nice walk or run to help warm up. 

2.     Spend 30-60 minutes outside shoveling and moving snow. 

3.     Try snow sports such as sledding or skiing and many more. 

4.     Try snowshoeing to help move through snow through a nice hike. 

5.     Carry or strap weights to yourself to help burn more calories on a walk or run. 

There is always the William’s Center to workout in, but there are options and tips to help with outdoor workouts. There are many more tips and workouts than what was listed above. As much as we might want this cold weather to disappear, we might as well take advantage of this weather before its gone. 

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

Emma O’Connor

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