You Define YOU!

Man the semester flew by and just like that winter break is almost over. Most of us will be returning to Whitewater getting back into the full time student mode with hopes of passing all of our classes. For most students, they strive to receive good grades like A’s and B’s whether it be because they want to have a high GPA or need to prove it to ourselves or someone else that we are more than capable and put hard work into what we do. I myself this past semester had a hard time of not letting my grades define who I am. 

If you are a student like me, you strive to get A’s and B’s because you put a lot of work into your classes, miss out on events and have a hard time focusing on anything else. Because I have been a student for so long, I feel as though my grades need to define me and who I am, when really a grade doesn’t determine who you are. I have come to terms with the fact that I might not always have the highest grade or be the best in class, and I am and have to be okay with it because grades aren’t everything. Below are reasons why for your next semester to let grades not define you entirely. 

  1. Your grades don’t reflect all of your abilities. Some things can’t be tested.
  2. A grade just shows that you learned how to study for a test. It is what you comprehend and apply in your life that matters. 
  3. There are different types of intelligence, you spotlight what makes you standout and unique. 
  4. What brings you happiness and what your passion is matters more. If you don’t have a passion for it, you aren’t going to care as much. Whatever makes you happy brings more opportunities. 
  5. You can shape your intelligence over time. You will learn new things everyday. What you learn and are tested on doesn’t define you for life. 
  6. You define what you are capable of. No one else knows what you can do except yourself. Remember you are capable to do great things and by doing that, it will take time and it is okay to fail. 

It is healthy for you to remember that your grades and retaining of information font define you. You will have more happiness and less stress in your life if you choose to do what makes you happy, focus on the important things, and remember your grades in school don’t define who you are. You define who you are, what makes you unique and you will be successful and less stressed because you aren’t focusing on a letter. Your grades do matter, but what you learned matters more in any aspect. 

Emma O’Connor

Start Strong, Finish Stronger

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