Exam SZN is here! We are about 2 months into school and its about that time were you double check your syllabus see the words TEST. This is the scariest time for us Warhawks and this blog will give you some tips so you can fly easier through your exams!

Study Places:

It is really important that you find good places to shield yourself from distractions. One place I recommend is Hyland. Hyland has classrooms, computer labs, study rooms, printing stations and vending machines. This place has everything you need. What also makes it a nice place to study is that you can stay as late as you want without getting kicked out. The doors do lock at a certain time but once you are in, you are all set.


Having a positive mindset when going to study and when taking an exam is key! I know some teachers say “Exams are just opportunities to get better” but they are onto something. Give that saying a chance and try it out! Having confidence in yourself will help you stay calm and determined while studying and taking tests.

1 day rule!:

One rule I like to follow is called the 1 day rule. This rule is that you should prepare well enough that you would be ready to take the exam one day before the exam! This rule helps you start studying in advance and it gives you an extra day to look your notes. Give this rule a try!


Do not underestimate a good-night’s sleep. Staying up all night and cramming the night before a test is not a healthy way to study. Establish a time were you decide to stop studying and go to bed. Getting good sleep will help think more clearly during your exam and it will help with memory retention.


*The future starts today, not tomorrow*

– Max Prospero

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