Doomsday Prep (Finals Edition)

Oh the confusing times of the last couple weeks of school. A time of happiness, anxiousness, relief and stress… all at once… yikes. Summer is finally just beyond the horizon but not until those tests, papers and projects are done! Have no fear, believe it or not, there are ways to survive finals and it all comes with good preparation!


I’m sure your teachers and parents tell you this all the time, but having a planner really does help! Setting off a few minutes to sit down and write down your finals schedule in advance can save you time later that could be spent studying. If you don’t have a planner, there are multiple other options for you. There are a various amounts of apps for your phone that can help you plan out your weeks or even just the “reminders” app that comes with your phone will do! Not only can you plan out when your finals are, but also plan out the times that are best for you to be studying.

Keep up with your health

Nobody wants to be sick during finals, but it seems that everyone does. The long nights at the library and the overall stress, just those can send your body into crash mode. What I have found to help my everyday health is essential oils. One of our team members, Tyler Kloss, wrote a really awesome and informational blog on essential oils and all the benefits it has to offer. Another thing to do is to give yourself time to exercise and get your body moving. Even if you can’t fit an hour long session at the gym try to get a nice, quick 15 minute walk, because any physical activity is good activity. Not only does this help you feel better but all of this can help clear your mind.

Remember to sleep

This goes hand in hand with keeping up with your health. I know you want to pull an “all nighter” and get that paper done, but don’t! Rather than staying up until 3 am, try going to sleep earlier and waking up a few hours earlier. Getting a good night sleep is the key to having a productive day.

Finals week has a reputation of being stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure to set off time for yourself to gather your thoughts and get your finals week schedule figured out ahead of time.


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