Best Workout Wear For Your $$$

Best Workout wear DMSomething that sticks on everyone’s mind when they go to the gym is how they look. Whether you are going to the gym because you care about how you look, or you want to wear clothes that will make you seem like you fit in, or maybe you just have no idea what is proper/appropriate to wear in a gym, something along these lines might be on your mind. A lot of what you wear will be dependent on what gym you go to and what activities you are doing; like, for example, there are differences between what to wear to a female would wear to a cycling class compared to a male to a power lifting session. For this reason, I won’t say anything in regards to shoes/footwear. But this will be a general idea of great quality workout clothes for a pretty dollar. Also note, there are no sponsorships from any of these clothing line or products.

Starter Big Men’s Active Mesh Short – $6.88 – Walmart

These “Big Men’s” shorts have big quality to them. Made of 100% polyester and Mesh fabric, they are very breathable and have pockets, which lots of workout shorts lack. The loose fit makes them great for all gym activities!




Aerie Chill High Waisted Legging – $19.95 – American Eagle

Along with the fashionable high waisted design, these leggings are made with “chill” fabric to make them extra comfy, and it helps if you tend to sweat more as well. One would probably wear these in and out of the gym!



Best Workoutwear3.

This is my gym shirt” Tee – $14.99 –

Yeah, it’s your gym shirt. Made super-durable, super-soft, and low price. A big upside too is that also sells a huge variety of supplements and other equipment, so ordering it all from the same place will save ya money!



Best workoutwear4.


Elite Pro Yoga Pants – $19.99 – FBS Nation

How dope do these look? With wrinkle resistance and Air-Fit humidity management technology, you’ll always be looking fly in these. And no matter if you are losing weight or putting on muscle, the 90% Polyamide / 10% Spandex make is durable and has a nice stretch aspect to them.


Best workout5

Hi-Lo Racerback Performance Tank – $6.97-$9.97 – Old Navy

With a scoop neck to make it easy to breathe and move around, this shirt option is very comfortable and even has an elastic racer-back strap for style. And how can you beat $6.97!


All links are provided in each item description I have written (click on the name of the item), go check ‘em out! And check out Warhawk Fitness on our other social medias and let us know if you get any of the clothes mentioned.


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Warhawk Fitness and Aquatics is not sponsored by any of these brands or companies, these clothing items are merely used as examples.

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