4 Ways To Stay In Sports As An Adult

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As we get older, we have less and less outlets in life that offer adult programs and communities for staying in sports. From early education, communities offer many opportunities for kids to be active and partake in organized or unorganized sports. Even in college we have lots of opportunities to be in intramurals. But what do you do once you are out of college and in adult life? The desire to be part of a team may still be there or just to be active, so here are 4 ways to get into sports as adults.



1 – Check out your local leisure center/community center.

This is the best way to check out what your specific area will have to offer you close by. These places are also where you can get general information on things like races/marathons, non-traditional sport events, and almost anything you need to know about community-run athletics.


2 – Go to places you do your preferred activity:

Basketball courts, swimming pool, tennis court, etc., and inquire about things like leagues and team for adults to be a part of. Even just a local gym is great for this. Local fitness centers or gyms typically have information or connections to clubs or organizations for things like walk/runs or community teams.


3 – It may be time to try solo sports.

As we get older, we tend to appreciate our hobbies to also be our time to ourselves and give us time to think, de-stress, and just to be alone. Sports like Rock Climbing, Indoor bouldering, acrobatics, dancing, martial arts and snow sports are all good examples of sports that are equally fun on their own and performed by yourself as they are with others.


4 – Think unconventional.

Now that you are an adult (or at least trying to be one), you can attempt activities you know have time, money, and experience (aka are old enough) to do! Like whitewater rafting or mountain climbing.


Take all of these into consideration while trying to either get back in or starting anew with sports and athletics all together. You have more options than it seems! So in addition to asking friends or colleagues, try all these tips out too.


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